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Tomato Plant
Individual Therapy

People might come to therapy because they are dissatisfied with where they are in life, or they feel maddened and drained by intrusive thoughts, or pain and loss in all its forms makes life feel intolerable and meaningless.  There might feel like an overwhelming amount of choices, and each choice with a host of pros and cons, with none of the choices standing out.  Or the feeling of being trapped makes it difficult to see any choice at all.  Often times it can feel as if time is working against us.  Navigating one's own lives can feel overwhelming. 


I provide a private and accepting space away from day to day life.  As the details of a person's life emerge within the process of therapy, what's really important to them tends to become more clear, solutions tend to present themeselves, and comfort with what is distressing tends to increase.  People tend to realize no one is more qualified to lead there own life than they are.   


I work with depression, trauma, anxiety, substance use, and anger issues.  But really I see people more as being in a process of becoming.  My aim is to meet people where ever they might be in that process.   

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