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My Approach

My approach is called client-centered. I view the client as truly the expert on there own life. Abstract models of personality will not know the experience of lacking friends or support. They won't know what its like to feel stuck or disengaged. They won't know what it's like to live with an overwhelming daily schedule. Won't know the pain of loss and indignities. They won't know what the need to self-medicate is like. You're the one who is qualified to know what your experiences are like or what you want to do about them.


I strive to see and hear you. To offer a therapeutic relationship of acceptance and understanding. In my experience those are the conditions people can feel free to explore there life. As the details emerge, so do solutions, meaning, undiscovered strengths, and the process of becoming more comfortable with what is distressing.


I sincerely appreciate being able to provide a space for people to talk, separate and private from there everyday life.  

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